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  • Good morning,
    Just wanted to let you know we love our trailer! It is beautiful. Our boat looks fantastic on it and it fits like a glove. Yesterday was the first time we launched it. We had Wescraft in Fife adjust it for us (they were working on our boat so it made since to let them do it). They did a great job. The boat sits a little higher than before which is what we wanted. The trailer rides smooth. Here are some pictures. If anyone wants to see our trailer with a boat on it feel free to send them my way. So glad we did not go galvanized!!!
    Thanks again,
    Andy & Kerri Tacoma 10-12-12



    My name is Robert and I bought a trailer from you in last weeks of Sept. for my 26X. I want you to know that I am very happy with the trailer, I pulled it from Campbell River to Alberta, 1200 miles, averaging 14 miles per gallon with the Tundra. At no time was there any oscillation, up hill or down, at any speed.

    Take care, Robert


    HI Sandy, I got one of your trailers in May I think. I came down from Ferndale.

    We had our boat in the water all the summer, so didn't even get a chance to try out the trailer. For the last two weeks we have been east the mountains. Launched in Banks Lake and Roosevelt Lake. Just got back last night and wanted to get this email out.

    The trailer pull like a dream, stays on track to 75 mph. I tried that speed, just to try it. Normally drove about 65 as an average on the interstate. My old trailer would get really wobbly over 65.

    The trailer is higher, I thought that would make me feel uncomfortable, but during rigging the extra height didn't see to be an issue. While trailering the extra height actually lets me see closer behind and I can monitor things on deck easier.

    The trailer seems to back down a ramp easier, not sure why that was. Was very easy to back and motor the boat on the trailer, there was a bit of learning curve there. The winch is really robust and the strap probably could pull down a house.

    There are a few things all minor: 1. I have to adjust the front pads and the front roller a bit. 2. I had forgotten you telling me a needed an adapter for my brakes. so the first time I tried to back up a little hill the brakes of course locked up. Used a screwdriver to overcome that issue. When the trailer was empty that feature never occurred so I didn't give it a thought. 3. I need a little taller ladder to get on board at home.

    These items are not the trailer, I realize that.

    Thanks again for making the transaction so easy and I love my new trailer.





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